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CBF is the 21st century new materials,which is a high-tech non-metallic inorganic fibers after the carbon fiber﹑aramid fiber﹑ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber﹑PPO, etc. Because CBF is made from natural volcanic rock as the raw material which is suitable for a wide temperature range (-260 ~ 700 ℃) to use, acid and alkali resisting﹑adiabatic insulation and good durability, so it is widely used in some fields which consist of construction including in construction bridge strengthening Strong﹑concrete enhancement﹑resin enhanced﹑high temperature filtration and so on, transportation including in aviation﹑aerospace﹑military industry﹑automobile and shipbuilding etc, recreation sports field, fire in environmental protection, petroleum chemical industry, electronics, etc. Compared with other high-fiber,CBF, ”high-performance﹑low cost﹑big market”, constitutes a good cost-effective and unique competitiveness. Promoting the use of a new material will bring the upgrading of products and a revolution of materials industry! This is undoubtedly a new opportunity for development. Grasp the new material is equivalent to seize a new topic objectives and development opportunities!

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